Container Space Empty shell 



Two erected creatures

Jutting out aimlessly

One looking at our loins

The other bend over on the floor

Yet another body leans

against the wall

From within the frame

Craters spill out

Lying like a tombstone.

Empty bags oozing information

Castings are imprisoned in a pile

Loop within a loop

Locking up and nurturing

The next line

A vien curles around the organ

Feeding, suckling

A form begins and reveals its end.

Crafts forcing hands

To sweat secrets

 An accompanying ancient  spirit

Is entwined in the handicraft

Container ,space, empty shell

Changing organic rhythem

Follows the life-genereting code

Between one body to another

A breathing gap

Allows contact

Every cell has tonus of its own

Defying gravitation

Corporeal consciousness

nestles a thought

Embodying the potential

to be born to an idea

To laboriously come down to earth

To gain a place.

Installation view

Installation view