Mor Elazar - Artist's statement

The human body and its boundries, limitations and wonders are the major subjects in my work . 

The materiality is part of the creation as much as the final image. 

The process usually is accompanied by a Choreography. Its repetition and small nuanses become the breathing of the work and the spirit of the creation.

I see the physical part of the work as the consciousness loading system, the materials reply and bring their memory to the infinite dialog of creation.


In addition to my artistic work I practice and study Yoga from childhood. The Yoga theory and its derivatives are concerned with connection, spiritual elevation & peace.     

When an art creation becomes a meditation it forms a connection between spirit and material.

The polarity and tension between material and unmaterial 

derive from the practice and works.

I am inspired by nature and its strength. A strength that us human society has no control over. 

In my creation I try to reach the unknown and Undefined,

While simultaineously to develope examining eye over relations, systems & settlements,

that we the human society created to define our world.

All our virtual materials: nutritions ,waste & creation are together in the cloud.

New dinamic atomic connections occurs and create new organs .

Undefined organs and autonomous systems are what I try to reveal and to identify through my art.

This is my attempt to understand how things work and which forces operate on us.

There Is More To It Than Meets The eye.

Trees rasing sun.JPG